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Guidelines for submitting an abstract

  • Please submit your abstracts biography and photo via internet until 18th of May, 2018. Abstracts submitted via fax, e-mail, post, or other methods will generally not be accepted.
  • The conference language is English.
  • The abstract should have between 1.000 and 2.000 characters (starting with descriptive paragraph identifying issue addressed and solution).
  • Abstract changes and corrections will be accepted until the 18th of May, 2018.

Your presentation may not be included in the review process unless the information is complete.
Evaluation criteria include significance, usefulness for the manufacturing world and clarity and accuracy as a paper. Abstracts will be peer-reviewed and selected relative to the points above. We encourage application related presentations, i.e. on joint projects between users and suppliers. Papers are to be non-commercial and focus on the technical/economical merits of a process rather than the individual company’s product benefits.
Attention: After your first log in, changes can be made any time until 18th of May.