53. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Angiologie – Gesellschaft für Gefäßmedizin e.V. | 8. DGA-Interventionskongress - DGA 2024

Guidelines and Important Information


  • Please submit your abstracts online only. Abstracts submitted via e-mail, post, or other methods will generally not be accepted.
  • The conference language is German.
  • Abstract submission is obligatory in English.
  • Abstract changes and corrections will be accepted until the deadline on Sunday, April 21, 2024 (midnight, CEST).
  • Ensure the citable publication of the abstracts.
  • For presenting authors of accepted abstracts, registration and participation in this conference is mandatory.

Notifications (Emails)

  • Note that only the submitting (corresponding) person receives all notifications about the abstract. Therefore, make sure that emails from information@smart-abstract.com are not marked as spam by your email provider.
  • Submitting (corresponding) authors take responsibility for informing all co-authors of the successful submission, acceptance or rejection, as well as for forwarding to presenters any instructions received on how to present the abstract.

Content and format

  • Do not use the title or the name(s) of the author(s) in the body of the abstract.
  • Please formulate clearly and concisely the questions, the methods used, the results and the conclusion of each abstract.
  • Use the British English (except authors from the United Nations)
  • No capital letters (except names).
  • Abstract titles should be concise and direct, no colon, dash instead.
  • Structure your abstract in Background, Patients and methods / Materials and methods (in experimental studies), Results and Conclusions (Plural)
  • Maximum length headlines: 250 characters, maximum length abstract-body: 2750 characters.
  • Abstracts may include up to 1 images/tables.
  • You can upload images in JPG or PNG format. The max. size of an image is 2,5 MB.
  • Abstracts may include up to 5 references. Each reference inserted into the abstract
    counts for 30 characters.
  • Please use a minimum of formatting for abstracts. We cannot guarantee that abstracts will be formatted in the exact way as they are entered.
  • Avoid using non-standard abbreviations.
  • Numbers from 1000 with comma (1,000)

Publishment of abstracts

  • The abstract will be published online in the congress issue of the VASA.

Rights of use and data breach

  • I grant the DGA or the PCO wikonect GmbH non-exclusive, spatially and temporally unlimited rights of use to my abstracts for the DGA congress 2024. Furthermore, I assure that I am entitled to grant the DGA or the commissioned congress organization wikonect GmbH the rights to use my abstract.
  • I confirm the observation of the data protection law and make sure that my abstract does not infringe the rights of third parties, for example if photos or other sources, e.g. from trade journals, articles, specialist books, graphics, and assume liability for any violations. In this context, I release the DGA from possible claims of data breach.


  • You have questions on submission or registration? Please choose “Help” in the menu at the top right, or send us a message via the "Feedback/Support" button in the main navigation. We will get back to you at very short notice.

For further information concerning registration please visit the https://www.angiologie-kongress.de/